Wardrobe Pieces that Will Get You Promoted!

You know, clichés become clichés for a reason and that is because they are so true. The one we all can't ignore or help roll our eyes at (even though we know it's true) is "dress how you want to be addressed."
Did you know that the way you dress, can determine if you get the job or not? The way you dress determines if you get the respect and attention you deserve or the way you dress could even get you paid more! *gasp*

I once read about a man who was able to charge in millions for his service simply by taking the pain to upgrade his wardrobe and invest in more quality pieces than quantity. Yes, quality pieces may cost a bit more on the onset but the great thing about them is that, you always get your money's worth because they last long, and they boost your personal image and they way others perceive you, something you cannot quantify in monetary terms but gives great returns. Think about it, how many times have you walked into a place only to be ignored or pushed aside for someone who was more intentionally and nicely dressed? Think through the people with positions of higher power and authority in your office, how many of them are shabbily dressed?

So whether it's your first work gig right out of college or you have years of work experience under your belt, here are 6 Roksana pieces to help you get the promotion you deserve.


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